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PAI-KOR S.r.l. was founded on 1981 following the unbundling of the chemical division of Compagnia Continentale SCEAR S.r.l. a family owned company founded on 1924 by Gr.Uff. Sir Giovanni Guidetti, owner of the historical brand SELLE AQUILA, which has been for many years leader in the Italian market for the manufacturing of seats for bikes and motor bikes.
Nowadays, PAI-KOR’s Managing Director and President belongs to the third generation of the family owner and three people of the fourth generation are involved in the management and directions: this means long-terms business planning, stability, flexibility and the ability to make decisions quickly.
. PAI-KOR S.r.l. produces industrial paints and coatings and products for degreasing and phosphating metal surfaces. Production of paints and coatings was begun in 1954, and of metal pretreatment products in the 1960s.
Plaforization, industrials paints and varnishing, intermediate products and pigmented paste for paints